Wednesday, July 16, 2008

friend or not huh?

sume org mst ade member kn?
member baek kita nme kn 'best friend n slalu nyer pg'
member biasa kita nmekn 'member n pggil gne dia nme dia'
member yg kita slalu bgaul tp x tau nme slalu nyer d gnekn nnme pgilan 'weh'
n member yg dkongsi rse chenta d namakn kekaseh or "gf/bf"

there is many kind of friend in this world..
there is a kind that will always b wif us in a happy or sad day
there is a kind that will always b wif us juz in our happy or our gaji day
there is also friends that always b wif us no matter on what condition we matter in richer or sickness or happy or sad but there is a BUT.

this kind of friend is what we call a dracula..
coz they juz pretend to b very nice to us
smile in front of us

in front..they will suck any benefit of being friend wif us
at back..they talk bad thing bout us
at back..they jual nme kita
they sabotage us..

nie adlah member2 yg hanye brlaku baek d dpan kita tp bila d blakang sume nyer tngg kita akn scara automatiknya akan brubah jd buruk!teruk! hampeh!

what worst is...
kita slama nie x tau kbenaranyer..
kita buta dgn lakonan smata2
lakonan yg btujuan utk kpentingan diri sendiri...

bila kita dad tahu.......

ape yg leh kita buat??
marah?? mluat?? bsikap dingin??blas dendam??

sbnarnyer ape yg kte leh wat hanya skadar mnjaohkn diri smata2..
"kenapa x balas dendam??"
hurm tu cme tindakan org yg kurg matang..ape yg kita dpt?
cme kpuasan yg smentara sdangkn lpas jaoh dlm hati maseh mbuak2 rasa x puas hati...

looking from formal point of view..there is no end of all this..
coz there will always b people like this..
people who live on others simpati and gud treat..
people who always take advantage for their own good..

of coz they will b hated by someone..
but does it really matter to them..
myb this is just a human survival care bout 'the no 1' that is they self!!

it is very simple
for my point of view


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