Wednesday, July 16, 2008

it alllll bout love!

nowday...recently i notice that there was sumthin missin from my life...
after long and hard search i finally known that its sumthin dat people love...
lets talkin bout this troublesome things dat we all call and known as .l.o.v.e.....

it sweet..
sometime also it have it's sourness
sometime we need it
sometime we want it
sometime we hate it
sometime we search for it

for sum one who never experience it..
love is a long waited dream
for sum one that still experience
love is a journey
for someone that have broke out
love is bullshit

but from my point of view
love is all about is like some sort of our ying and yang in this very world
love is sooo meaningfull...sooo mystrerious...sooo evil....sooo sweet..soo wonderfull and sooo many other things

for me..
we all need love in our life
from state to state
it just our nature...
it gud to see that nowdays people are more aware n open minded bout their love live
im not that kind of people that think our still in school teenager should not involve in love....
puppy love or cinta monyet
i think that we all need that..there is a reason where on that particular time on our life ,we suddenly think bout love..
that is because it is time for we to grow up!
yup!puppy love is part of our mind growing
sooo parent!! stop making ur child feelin guilty juz coz they are fallin in love!!!

most of our parent did not want their child to involve in love coz they did not want to see their beloved child get hurt!,cryin in broken heart!
yes... there is nothin wrong wif dat sir
we all need that
we need that to grow strong
we need that to be one tough adult one day

from that we will learn to b a strong adult to conquer the world wif all sort of prob in it!
it just like baby who is trying to walk..
firstly he will fall..
and fall again..
and again..
until he have enuf experience of pain and gravity..he will try again to stand and slowly walk..and walk faster until he can run!!

sooo my advice is..b open minded in love..
in all kind of relationship..
talk if u got sumtin bad going on bout it..
its ok to feel sad
its ok to feel afraid
its ok to fell hurt.....but its good if we have someone while going on wif it


video hanya sbg hiasan

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hasanah said...

adik poyooo!!
weh.. drp guna blogspot ni, bek gune wordpress..
wordpress lagi syiokkk!!