Friday, March 13, 2009

what friends for?

its being a while since i posted my entry in english..
for nothing particular reason today i feel like posting one today..

at this moment there at 6,417,652,321 people in the world. some are running scared. some are coming home. some tell lies to make it through the day. others are just now facing the truth. some are evil men, at war with good. some are good, struggling with evil. six billion people in the world. six billion souls. and sometimes all you need is one.

in this moment there are about six billion people in this world..they all wif their on life..wifes,husbands,fathers,mothers,mens,womens,teenagers,and kids..
they all living their life routine as usual..
fulfill their duties to the world..

soo do we..
we all are the same ..
but sometimes wif all the billions and billions people around us,
we tend to feel lonely,feeling left out,feeling out of place..

soo it is natural for us to be sad..
but sometimes we forget about people around us..
they care about us..

yes they do..
our friends and family..dont left they behind..dont closed ur heart for them

do share the love
do share the feeling..

and u will be suprise u know it,tears in ur eyes have gone without u noticing it..

this is what people around us for..they do it with asking for a return

they cheer u up when u have tears in ur eyes

they protect you from danger!

they catch when you f

they cares about you.. up ur heart..
dunt feel alone coz ur not..



scha said...

i'm ur fren..
i'm here if u need anything..
i'll listen..
that's what a friend for..

tazo said...